Option 1

With we have two different ways to sell your home. The first way is to list your home with us. We do have a fee, but we don’t get paid until YOU close! We also will split the buyer’s side commission with YOU if we find the buyer for your listing!

Here is how it works:

Tell us about your home

So we can determine what the market is bearing for your home, we include a free home evaluation. From that we will decide together what is the best listing price for your home!

Sign Listing Agreement

We sign a listing agreement with you, like any broker will, that gives us permission to list your home. We can make the agreement for 6 months, or 1 year, or more –  it’s entirely up to you. At this point we are officially YOUR Broker! Along with it comes all the fiduciary duties, integrity, and confidentiality that you can expect from a Broker who is a Realtor®, member of NAR, bound by the Realtor® Code of Ethics.

Fill Out Listing Form

We provide you with a detail listing form (via download or email) that helps us to get the MOST detailed listing information for listing your home. Buyers today have so many choices and more information makes your listing stand out!

Schedule Photography

Next we will schedule a professional photographer to come and photograph your home, and present it in the BEST possible way that stands out to buyers. Photos will be wide-angle high definition photos. MLS lets us include up to 25 photos, so we will take FULL advantage of that amount! Weather permitting, the photos of your home will be shot within 2 days of your order!

Your Listing Goes LIVE

Once we have the listing photos back, we are able to get your home listed LIVE and LAUNCHED on MLS. Your home will begin to appear on ALL home syndication listing services within 3 days (most services are same day or within one day).

Your house gets SOLD

With our innovative use of technology, integration of the latest in communication, fast access to your home’s information for potential buyers, and marketing techniques using social media and other targeted strategic methods, we will do everything we can to present your home in the best possible way with the most effective pricing, so your house gets SOLD.

Option 2

With – the SECOND WAY is Rocket Listing will buy your home*! This is determined on a case by case basis. The best part is you pick your closing date, don’t have to worry about showings or an MLS listing, pay NO CLOSING costs, and pay NO seller commissions* (some fees apply, see FAQ and terms and conditions)

Here is how it works:

Home Condition

Does your home need any work? Is there anything original in your home that hasn’t been upgraded? How old is your roof? Air Conditioning? Have you added any features? What do you feel makes your home special or stand out? New kitchen? New baths? Upgraded flooring or appliances? These are some of the things we will need to discuss. We will do our normal in depth home valuation, and we will also schedule a home inspection to determine if there are any unseen issues that might affect the value.

Neighborhood Market Status

We’ll check into current trends in your local market and see where real estate in your area is headed

Comparable Sales

We need to get an idea of what your home is worth, so we go even deeper to check nearby sales comparables, we typically get a pretty good impression by looking at active, pending, and recent sales withing the last 3-6 months and 1/4 mile away from your home.

Make you an offer

After we go through all the steps, if we determine your home fits our model, we will make you an offer. Remember this might not be for everyone, but we will do our best to see if your home fits our model and make you a competitive offer!